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What are branded SMS

Branded SMS is a message service, which is delivered to a mobile phone as coming from a Brand Name or Company Name instead of any unknown number or code. For instance, if a company is called Fourth Profile (4P), messages arrive in the inbox and they appear to be coming from 4P. Branded SMS are are sent using a sender ID i.e. the company name.

For one to send branded SMS, the sender ID has to be issued by a mobile network operator (MNO) or a 3rd party SMS gateway, which has been authorized to issue alphanumeric sender IDs. It is also worth noting that the length of the sender ID is limited 11 characters. Besides, only letters a-z and number 0-9 are allowed in the alphanumeric sender ID.

Although branded SMS are very useful in popularizing brands, they only one-way – users only receive the SMS but cannot reply. You will often see a label on the message in your mobile saying “sender does not support replies“.

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